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  Exploring Never Stops: Travel Like a Pro With This Ultimate Guide
  May 15, 2023   |   Exaweb Corp

Exploring Never Stops: Travel Like a Pro With This Ultimate Guide


Life can be boring and repetitive sometimes, especially if you do the same routine every day. For instance, most adults wake up, go to work, and come home just to rest and get ready again for the next workday. Meanwhile, as a student, you usually spend most of your time studying, writing papers, and attending classes.   Given these situations, people continuously find ways to break out from their repetitive life. Some start new hobbies, from something as simple as reading a few books to as adventurous as traveling to different locations locally or internationally. Whatever you choose, it is highly beneficial to take breaks. Physically, it allows you to rest and regain the energy you lost from working or studying non-stop. Mentally, it gives your brain time to destress and reboot.   If you choose to travel, Modala Beach Resort has you covered! We are one of the best beach resorts in Panglao, Bohol, and we are here to guide you on this exciting journey. Once you pick the Panglao tourist spots you want to visit, you can book a room at our hotel resort and have the most fantastic vacation of your life.  

Traveling and Its Benefits

Traveling is indeed an effective breather from your daily routine, allowing you to explore, try new activities, and simply enjoy the company of your travel buddies. Aside from getting to visit the most scenic places in the world, traveling has more benefits, which is why you should do it more often.   First, aside from having fun and enjoying yourself, traveling allows you to explore and become more educated. When you go to another country or province, you learn about their culture, how they live, their language, and even try different cuisines. These add up to your knowledge about other places.   Second, traveling will reduce your worries and stress, helping improve your mental health. Switching off your gadgets and staring at the scenic view of Panglao Beach is probably one of the best ways to calm yourself and just live in the moment. Much like our laptops and phones, our bodies need to recharge as well, and traveling can refuel your energy.   Lastly, traveling is actually good for your health. When you search for things to do in Panglao, you will see suggestions like diving, hiking, paddling, and even playing beach games. These activities encourage you to move, test your body’s limits, and be physically active all day. They are all great alternatives to the typical workout or exercise people do. Furthermore, when you travel with your loved ones, you will have a good laugh while enjoying things. Some long-term effects of laughing include an improved immune system, better moods, and increased self-satisfaction.  

Why You Should Visit Beaches and Tourist Spots in Panglao, Bohol 

Panglao, Bohol is a famous tourist destination for both foreigners and locals. It is famous for its white sand beaches, premium hotel resorts, and the exciting activities. Here are more reasons to go here:  

Famous Beaches and Spots in Bohol

Tired of the city view? Fly to Panglao, Bohol and visit famous beaches and nature spots here. Once you book an accommodation at Modala Beach Resort, you can ask our staff or the locals around to give you a list of tourist spots you can visit. For starters, you can take a dip in Alona Beach, explore Hinagdanan Cave, and go island hopping while the sun is still out.  

Panglao Island Activities

Every time you travel, see to it that you get to do at least one new activity. This is something that you can look forward to when planning a vacation. When you get to Panglao, you can do many activities. For water activities, you can snorkel, dive, and swim. Hotel resorts also offer day tours, and of course, it is a must to go island hopping to witness the many beautiful islands of Panglao.  

A Breather From Bustling Cities

It is great to live in a city. You have easy access to the best malls and cafes. Furthermore, you can go to your workplace quickly. However, it is undeniable that staying in a hotel room with a beach view and having 24/7 access to beautiful nature spots is better. You get to relax your mind and take a break from the loud noise of vehicles and crowds of people.  

How To Travel Like a Pro

If it is your first time planning a vacation, there are some things you need to do. Modala Beach Resort has listed them so you can travel like a pro.  

Do Your Research

Thanks to the internet, everything you want to know about a place can be researched. Take time to search for the best tourist spots, restaurants, and accommodations in your destination before finalizing your plans. Doing this allows you to build an itinerary and be ready if you have to bring some essentials or required documents.  

Take Public Transportation

We know that exploring a new place can be daunting, especially when you are alone. But taking public transportation and getting to experience things like how locals do it is something else. It allows you to see more diverse parts of the area, and on top of that, it is cheaper than renting a vehicle.  

Connect With the Locals

Be open to talking to strangers, especially if they are locals. They might know about hidden places, restaurants, and activity areas that not all tourists get to visit. Furthermore, it is always lovely to get to know new people when traveling. You can still connect virtually when you return and ask them to travel with you next time.  

 Eat Local Food

Trying new food is such a fun thing to do. You get to discover how they cook the dishes they serve and where they get their ingredients. It is also a plus if the food is something you can only find in that place.  

Try Something New

Whether it be as simple as kayaking or as adventurous as cliff diving, it is always worth trying new activities. You might discover new things you’d like to pursue as a hobby. For instance, some people fall in love with water activities like surfing or scuba diving after trying them once.  

Take Home a Souvenir

Every tourist spot has small shops or booths where you can buy different souvenirs, from refrigerator magnets and shirts to trinkets and snacks. When you go back to your house, you can display these souvenirs and be reminded of the fun activities you experienced in that place. Meanwhile, if you are not a big fan of store-bought souvenirs, you can always take memorable photos while doing activities.  

Frequently Asked Questions


What Are the Best Beaches in Panglao?

There are many beaches in Panglao, Bohol. Most of them are famous because of their white sand and scenic view. Once you arrive on the island, you can visit Alona Beach, Bagobo Beach, Danao Beach, Bolod Beach, and Doljo beach.  

How Many Beaches Are There in Panglao?

You can find secluded and small beaches around Panglao, Bohol, which is why it is hard to say the exact number of beaches on the island. However, there are nine significant ones that are definitely a must-visit. Those are Alona Beach, Kalipayan Beach Bay, Dumaluan Beach, Libaong Beach, San Isidro Beach, Bikini Beach, Danao Beach, Doljo Beach, and Momo Beach.  

What Is Alona Beach Known For?

Alona Beach is a public tourist spot at the southwest tip of Panglao Island. It is famous for its white sand, rocky cliffs, and commercial facilities lined up in the one-kilometer stretch of the beach. People love hanging out in the area as they can do various water and land activities.  


Life is meant to be enjoyed, and places are meant to be explored. From time to time, take a step back and try to plan a memorable vacation alone or with your loved ones. This will significantly improve your life and recharge your body from draining work or studies.   Use this comprehensive travel guide by Modala Beach Resort when you visit Panglao Island! You may also check out our tour packages as well as the cozy Filipino-themed rooms we offer for a complete travel experience.   If you have questions or concerns about our offerings, feel free to contact our team!