Best Panglao Bohol Tour & Accommodation Package
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  Traveling With Friends Soon? Find the Best Tour Package To Enjoy Your Vacation!
  July 6, 2023   |   Exaweb Corp

Traveling With Friends Soon? Find the Best Tour Package To Enjoy Your Vacation!


  Traveling with friends or loved ones is one of the greatest joys of life. Going on a journey and sightseeing becomes even more fun when you do it with people who share your interests, have been with you in the good and the bad, and make you feel good overall.   If you and your friends have been itching for some adventure in the sea, why not try Panglao Island in Bohol? This destination features several white-sand beaches that are sure to dazzle and refresh you and your companions.   While you can just go ahead and plan your trip amongst yourselves, you can opt to join a tour package. Also known as a package tour, this is a service comprising several travel elements, such as accommodation, transportation, sightseeing, events and activities, and ground services.   Modala Beach Resort is a hotel that offers some of the best Panglao, Bohol tour packages, and in this post, we’ll show you how joining one can make your trip even more enjoyable.  

Why Traveling With Friends Is a Must

  While traveling alone has its perks, the same is true when going on a trip with other people, especially those close to you. If you’re more of a solo traveler, knowing the reasons why you should plan a getaway with friends may convince you to enjoy your next trip with others. Here are some of them:  

Provides an Opportunity To Catch Up

  Adulting and the responsibilities that come with it often make it difficult for friends to bond and inform one another about the happenings in each other’s lives. After all, we now have to deal with busy schedules as a result of work, kids, family, and so on.   That being said, going on a trip together provides an opportunity to finally catch up and talk about topics ranging from light matters to more serious conversations on struggles and problems. In this way, you become updated with the important events surrounding your friends’ lives, and likewise, they become updated on yours.  

Creates Unforgettable Memories

  Creating fond and warm memories with friends is a gift we can’t put a price tag on. When you travel together, you will be sharing exciting and remarkable experiences with each other, which can be stored not only in your memories but in multiple pictures taken during the trip.   Months or even years later, everyone can look back on them and evoke a sense of nostalgia. Reminiscing and talking about those moments in the years to come becomes a great way to bond as well.   Can Be More Affordable Than Travelling Solo (H3)   Perhaps you’re looking for a more practical reason to travel in groups. Well, it’s actually more budget-friendly to do so! Travel expenses can mount up and almost break one’s bank, but this can be significantly minimized when you travel with friends.   For instance, it’ll allow you to split the cost of accommodation when you share a hotel room or rented house. Likewise, you can do the same with transport expenses. More importantly, you can take advantage of the best Panglao, Bohol tour packages offered by Modala to cut down on travel costs and save time.  

Advantages of Choosing a Tour Package for Groups

  If you’re considering choosing Bohol as your next travel destination, it would be a good idea to find Bohol hotels with tour packages. Doing this comes with plenty of benefits, some of which are listed below:  

Cut Down on Travel Costs

  Joining tour packages is a great way to lessen travel costs. Tour operators are well-connected with different hotels and transport companies. They have the power to get lower rates for various services, given that they book for groups of people. As a result, the tourists who join tour packages benefit from these discounted rates.   Moreover, with a tour package, you’ll already know exactly how much money you’ll need for the whole trip. In contrast, when you plan your own trip, there are some services and activities you won’t know the cost of until you arrive at your destination, making it challenging to budget your money.  

Instant Travel Itinerary

  If you have ever planned a trip involving several people, you’re most likely aware of how stressful of an experience it can be. You will have to make a schedule, choose which sites to visit, pick what activities to do, and factor in logistic requirements. In contrast, when you book a package tour, this burden won’t have to rest on your shoulders.   It will be the tour company’s responsibility to create a travel itinerary, book accommodations, plan events and activities, and so on. This can make your trip a more pleasant experience since it’ll allow you to focus more on enjoying the sites and reveling in the scenery without having to worry about what to do next.  

Safer Option

  The tour operators who work for hotels and tour companies are some of the best people who know the ins and outs of a particular travel destination. They know what sites and activities are safest for tourists. Thus, partnering with them eliminates the risk of choosing risky destinations you wouldn’t be comfortable visiting.   Moreover, bear in mind also that there is always safety when traveling in groups, especially if you’re going to a remote area and are unfamiliar with the locals residing there.  

A Chance To Meet New People

  In a package tour, you’re going to be spending a couple of days traveling and sightseeing with different people. Thus, if you are looking to expand your social circle, joining a package tour is an excellent idea to achieve this!   More importantly, the connections you forge during your travel may last beyond the trip, which is good because friendships positively impact well-being. According to professionals at Everyday Health, friendships can boost self-esteem, promote a sense of belonging, and help protect cognitive health, among other benefits.  

Book a Bohol Package Tour This 2023

  Are you excited to explore Panglao Island, Bohol? Book the best Panglao, Bohol tour packages offered by Modala Beach Resort! With our one-kilometer white sand shoreline, facilities ranging from pool lounges to recovery spas, and activities offered, such as snorkeling, jet skiing, and water aerobics, you and your friends will surely be able to unwind and recharge during your stay.  


  Traveling with friends comes with both practical and enjoyable perks. And if ever Bohol is on your list of destinations to visit, it would be a good idea to join a Bohol package tour with accommodation to save money, enjoy your trip more, and meet new people.   Modala Beach Resort is always ready to serve guests with top-notch services to ensure they rest well and enjoy what Panglao Island has to offer. Get a taste of our hospitality by booking here or contacting us today to learn more about our room rates and amenities!