Best Event Venue & Service Packages | Modala Beach Resort
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Events & Packages Offered by Modala

The most special events of our lives deserve the best celebrations. And to make that happen, we have to hire exceptional catering services that will serve delectable dishes to every guest, invite engaging hosts who can carry out the program from start to end, and lastly, rent out a spacious events space where everyone can mingle around. You can get all that through Modala’s various travel packages in Panglao, Bohol!


Modala Beach Resort is not only a place for quick getaways. Our team can also provide you with a beautiful events space where you can hold a gathering with friends and family to celebrate weddings, birthdays, reunions, and even corporate events. The Doljo Ballroom can accommodate up to 250 guests and is equipped with four LED screens that you can use for presentations.

Why Modala Is Ideal for
Your Next Big Event

Excellent Amenities

Modala Beach Resort is fully equipped with different amenities that highly benefit each of our guests. We have 24-hour reception and security in case emergencies come up during your stay. On top of that, we offer airport and seaport transfer services, as well as tours and excursions.

Accommodating Staff Members

Modala’s hotel staff and security team are all trained to give you the best customer service during your stay. They will happily accommodate your requests and bring your orders to your chosen room. Most of our members are locals of Panglao Island, too, so they can easily advise you which tourist spots to visit.

Breathtaking Location

Who doesn't want to say their vows and celebrate their love with the beautiful sunset and breathtaking beach as their witness? Panglao Island’s majestic scenery is one to die for, and on top of that, you will be left with the most stunning photos as souvenirs once you conclude your trip.


Are you ready to celebrate your life’s most special occasion in a piece of heaven called Modala Beach Resort?
Visit our website, and check out our Panglao, Bohol travel packages now!