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Events & Packages



Making Different Events Happen With Various Partnerships

Outdoor events are definitely a must for companies, schools, or other organizations. Hosting such affairs give people the chance to enjoy their time under the sun and cool down afterward by swimming in the cool, clear blue waters of the sea. If you’re planning one, you can connect with beachfront properties that are open to partnerships.

What Makes Modala Different

Modala Beach Resort is a top choice when it comes to fun activities, comfortable lodging, and convenient partnerships. Our one-kilometer beach is considered the longest shoreline in Panglao, making it an excellent venue for different events. Furthermore, we are the only leisure resort in the Philippines with an urban-style mall that houses several shops and restaurants.

Sports Events That Can Be Held in Modala

Beach Volleyball

These kinds of tournaments are popular, especially during team building events hosted by companies. Beach volleyball games boost teamwork and sportsmanship among players, allowing everyone to work harmoniously.


The waves near Panglao Island is perfect for your next big surfing event. Afterward, you can even cool down and take a quick dip in Modala’s jacuzzi to relax your muscles.


Modala Beach Resort’s beach line is more than enough to cater to a friendly rowing competition between groups of participants.


With the combined rules of both volleyball and football, footvolley is best done on a beach with fine sand for better mobility during the game.


Panglao’s rich marine life will always be the best site to see on the island. You can host a diving event where guests can interact with different sea creatures.

Get in Touch With Us

There’s no better place to host your events and competitions than Modala Beach Resort!
Visit our website now and talk to our team so we can start a wonderful partnership.