Special Occasions & Events Packages | Modala Beach Resort
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Events & Packages


Special Occasions

Celebrate Your Most Special Occasions With Modala

Every occasion or milestone in our lives is worth celebrating, whether big or small. And for the grandest moments like weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries, you deserve an events space where you can connect with the people closest to your heart—a place where you can relive all your memories and create new ones.

How Modala Is the Ideal Events Place

Modala Beach Resort can make all your dream events come true. Aside from the breathtaking beach view, several amenities, and Filipino-themed rooms, we also have a big events place that you can rent for your special occasions. The Doljo Ballroom can hold a maximum of 250 guests.

Celebrations You Can Hold at Modala

Company Outings

Company outings and team buildings are done in events places like Modala to build better rapport and relationships among employees. You can also set up a grand dinner for the whole company to conclude your outing.


Are you planning a big family reunion? Modala Beach Resort can accommodate that too! Our ballroom areas are open for exciting family games and bonding.

Birthday Parties

Birthdays are always celebrated, especially when the celebrant turns 18 or 21 years old. Do it at Modala and design our event area according to your theme.


Modala also accommodates formal conferences and seminars by different companies and organizations. Our staff can easily arrange the tables and seats for a banquet.

Business Meetings

Business meetings should not be boring. You can liven up your gathering by doing it in a beautiful venue like Modala. You can also visit the beach afterward to rest and relax.

Talk To Us

If you have upcoming occasions that you want to celebrate, feel free to visit Modala’s website.
You can ask us about our rates and special offerings!