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  Fun Under The Sun: Experience The Best Day at Famous Beaches in Bohol
  May 15, 2023   |   Exaweb Corp

Fun Under The Sun: Experience The Best Day at Famous Beaches in Bohol


The Philippines is an archipelago with over 7,000 beautiful islands. This means there are a lot of coastlines and, of course, there are thousands of paradise-like beaches in the country. In fact, there are about 36,289 beaches you can choose from if you want to have the best time of your life soaking in crystal clear sea and lounging on white sand beaches.   If you are looking for your next beach destination, Modala Beach Resort has a great suggestion for you. Bohol, the home of the famous Chocolate Hills, is not just popular because of the said renowned spot. It also boasts many beautiful beaches that can be visited by locals and foreigners all year round.   These famous beaches in Bohol are also surrounded by premium beachfront hotels like Modala. Our establishment can provide you with cozy Filipino-themed rooms where you can relax and rest at night after your fun beach day.    

Must-Visit Famous Beaches in Bohol

Bohol has many hidden gems that are not yet popular with ordinary tourists. You can discover glorious beaches on the island through research, which entails reading reviews and blogs online.   First on the list is Alona Beach, Bohol. This small stretch of tropical wonderland is even mesmerizing in person. It has crystal clear blue waters where you can swim all day. You may also tour the shore while stopping by restaurants and other shops to buy some local Bohol pasalubong.   Second is Doljo Beach, which is only 15 minutes away from Alona Beach. If you want an unfiltered, natural, and raw beauty beach in Bohol, this is the spot for you. The three-kilometer beach is still unexplored, so you can see how majestic the sand and sea truly are.   Lastly, there is Balicasag Beach. It is a famous destination for those who want to get up and close to marine life. You can enjoy scuba diving and snorkeling here as the water is crystal clear, unpolluted, and kept clean by the locals.   There are more famous beaches in Bohol aside from these three. As tourists, it is your responsibility to explore and do your research so you can make the most of your trip.    

Be Beach-Ready For Your Next Bohol Trip

We know how excited you are for your next Bohol trip! As one of the trusted beaches and resorts here in Bohol, we want you to have the most comfortable stay. Here are some tips to get beach-ready:  

Choose The Right Location

The first step to being beach-ready is to choose the right location. Think of what you want to do when you arrive on the beach. If you're going to try water activities, make sure that you choose a beach where scuba diving, island hopping, snorkeling, and other similar activities are offered. Not all beaches have the same amenities, so it is best to inquire first.   By doing so, you know that you will definitely enjoy yourself once you go there and you can also prepare the things you need to use to try those activities.  

Bring Essentials

Bringing your essentials will help make your beach day comfortable and hassle-free. You can pack big sand-proof blankets to lie on the beach and sunbathe. Moreover, you can pack dry bags so you have somewhere to place your gadgets while doing water activities. Ultimately, however, the essentials you must bring will depend on what you intend to do once you arrive there.  

Protect Yourself

The sun can be harsh, especially if you visit the beach from noon until 4:00 PM. Make sure you are protected by using sunblock that has enough sun protection factor or SPF. In addition, always bring a bottle of cold water to hydrate yourself while sunbathing.  

Pack The Right Food

Beachfront hotels like Modala have their own restaurants where you can order food and refreshments. However, if you want to bring your own, make sure to pack the right food. The heat of the sun can quickly spoil some dishes. Bring food that can be stored, prepared, and cooked easily, so there won’t be any hassle if you want to eat.  

Wear Proper Clothing

Although beaches do not have strict dress codes, it is best to wear the proper clothing to comfortably do activities without being restricted by your clothes.   For instance, if you want to swim and do light water activities, you can wear your usual swimsuit. However, if you want to go scuba diving, you must rent a proper suit and equipment. Meanwhile, you can sport comfortable clothes like a shirt and a pair of shorts if you wish to do motorized activities.   Of course, do not forget your Instagrammable outfit of the day so you can take home beautiful photos as a souvenir once you are done with your vacation.  

Be Emergency-Ready

We all wish to have a fun and safe beach day. However, accidents and incidents are always unpredictable. For safety purposes, you must be emergency ready.   Before finalizing the trip, list the emergency hotlines in your target destination. Also, it is best to bring some extra cash just in case you have to pay for something you did not plan to buy or do. And most importantly, always pack your prescribed medicines and vitamins so you won’t have health issues while on vacation.  

Book a Hotel Room Nearby

Part of being beach-ready is ensuring you have a safe and cozy hotel room at the end of the day. Lounging and doing activities at the beach all day can drain your energy and strain your muscles. It is a must to rest and refresh before having more adventures.   Luckily, there are numerous beachfront hotels in Bohol, like Modala Beach Resort. You can easily book a room and use our premium amenities to further level up your travel experience.    


The Philippines is a great destination— from beaches and forests to mountains and lakes, we have everything a tourist can look for. So, the next time you want to sunbathe, swim, and try fun land and water activities, book the earliest flight to the beautiful island of Bohol.   Aside from the famous beaches in Bohol, you will surely enjoy staying at Modala Beach Resort, especially now that you are beach ready.   If you have questions or concerns about our tour packages, room rates, and other amenities, feel free to get in touch with us!