Best Panglao, Bohol Accommodation & Hotel Price
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  Factors Influencing Panglao Accommodation Prices and Ways To Save on Your Trip
  October 19, 2023   |   Exaweb Corp

Factors Influencing Panglao Accommodation Prices and Ways To Save on Your Trip


Are you daydreaming about an upcoming weekend escape to the stunning Panglao Island in Bohol? Well, you've got exceptional taste in destinations! This little slice of paradise, nestled to the southwest of mainland Bohol, boasts awe-inspiring white-sand beaches and an underwater world teeming with vibrant marine life. It's also home to a plethora of tropical accommodations, ensuring you'll have no trouble finding the perfect place to unwind, whether you're into vacation rentals or beachfront hotels.

Now, let's talk about the savvy side of your adventure. If you're on a budget but still want to revel in the illusion of a lavish getaway, fret not! There are plenty of budget-friendly Panglao hotels that can offer you a slice of paradise without breaking the bank. Take, for instance, the Modala Beach Resort, where affordability meets luxury, ensuring your stay is nothing short of remarkable.

But let's get down to the nitty-gritty of what influences accommodation prices in Panglao, Bohol. Understanding these factors will empower you to make the best choice for your wallet. And hey, we won't leave you hanging without some money-saving tricks up our sleeve. Stick around until the end of this post, and we'll share some insider tips to make sure your Panglao getaway is as affordable as it is unforgettable!


Panglao, Bohol’s Affordable Beach Resorts  

Bohol may be famous primarily for the Chocolate Hills and Tarsier Sanctuary, but did you know that it also boasts several white-sand beaches, which can be found on Panglao Island? Alona Beach, Doljo Beach, Panglao Beach, and Dumaluan Beach are just some of the stunning beaches you can visit here.

In case you’re looking for more exciting adventures, there are over 20 diving sites you can explore here in Panglao, allowing you to get your fill of the diverse marine life on the island. We also suggest checking out the historical Hinagdanan Cave and trying out the delectable organic goods at the Bohol Bee Farm in Dauis.

Because Panglao is Bohol’s foremost beach destination, you’ll surely find a wide array of beachfront hotels in the area. Modala Beach Resort, for instance, features a one-kilometer white-sand shoreline for guests to enjoy. It’s also the only resort in Panglao with a mall featuring multiple commercial shops.



Top Factors Affecting Panglao, Bohol Accommodation Prices  

Knowing the various factors that affect accommodation prices in Panglao, Bohol, is a good way to get a better judgment in choosing which hotel will fit your budget. Read more about them below:


The location of an establishment is one of the main factors that determine their rates. Expect to pay more for accommodations located near major tourist attractions and commercial establishments.

In contrast, hotels located farther from tourist destinations typically offer lower room rates. Booking them may not be a cost-effective option, though, since you will need to spend more money on transportation.

Peak Season

Another primary determinant of hotel room rates is the season. The peak season for travel in Bohol is typically from December to May. Because the weather during these months is dry, it is an ideal time for island hopping, swimming, sightseeing, and such.

Consequently, expect room rates during this time to be higher compared to other months due to the influx of tourists. On the flip side, the rates are lower during rainy months in the country, which is the off-peak season for traveling.

Amenities Available  

Amenities refer to facilities and services that make your stay more pleasurable. They vary among hotels, but they usually include air-conditioning, WiFi, room dining, laundry and pressing services, spas, and swimming pools. Needless to say, the more amenities a hotel room offers, the higher their rates will be.

Type of Hotel Room

Of course, not all hotel rooms are created equal. Some rooms are more spacious, while others feature more amenities. There are also special hotel rooms, such as villas, cabana rooms, and penthouse suites, that can accommodate large groups and provide a better view and access to the ocean.

All these influence a room’s rate per night. If you plan to allot the bulk of your time in Panglao to sightseeing and enjoying the beach, you don’t have to be too particular about the hotel room you’ll stay in. Just make sure to select one that is comfortable, safe, and loaded with the right amenities and provisions.

Pricing of Competitors

The rates of other accommodations also influence how a Panglao hotel sets its room rates. This is known as competitive pricing, which helps maintain profit margins when there are multiple businesses offering similar services.

For instance, a hotel may lower its room rates to attract more customers and get an edge against their competitors. This can also be done when other establishments lower offer promos and discounts for special occasions.


Tips on How To Get Affordable Accommodations  

When on a tight traveling budget, there are tips you can follow to help you book more affordable accommodations. Here are some of them:

Use Tour Packages  

One of the ways you can save money on accommodations is by booking tour packages like the ones offered by Modala. Tour operators reserve accommodations for multiple people so they can get lower rates that tourists benefit from.

Search for Promos 

There are many ways you can do this. The first one is by booking directly on a hotel’s website or using online booking platforms to see if there are ongoing promos. Another way is to check if your credit card is affiliated with any Panglao, Bohol accommodations. If so, booking a room using that card lets you get discounts on rooms, restaurants, and other hotel amenities.

Book in Advance

Plan your trip ahead so you can book in advance! Many hotels offer sales and discounts to travelers who book in advance. Aside from savings, booking ahead has another perk: you’ll have more room options to choose from because they surely haven’t been reserved by other guests.



It can be difficult sometimes to find affordable accommodation when vacationing, but it becomes easier once you know the factors that influence room rates. It also helps to be familiar with tips and tricks that’ll help you score discounts.

You don’t have to spend much when booking a room here at Modala Beach Resort! We pride ourselves on being one of the best beachfront hotels in Panglao, Bohol, but this doesn’t mean tourists on a budget won’t be able to afford our hotel services. Contact us today to learn about our room rates and what promos are available for you!