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  Wow Sa Panglao! Find the Best Travel Accommodations To Enjoy Your Vacation
  July 6, 2023   |   Exaweb Corp

Wow Sa Panglao! Find the Best Travel Accommodations To Enjoy Your Vacation


The province of Bohol is one of the most visited places in the Central Visayas region. This is no longer a surprise because it is where you’ll find acclaimed attractions in the Philippines, such as the Chocolate Hills and the Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary, where you can see the world’s smallest primate. Not to mention, Bohol is also famed for its white sand beaches, many of which you will find on Panglao Island.   Thus, if you’re visiting Panglao Island soon, you’re in for a treat! This paradise is Bohol’s foremost beach destination, well-known for its white sand shorelines. Plus, if you’re a lover of marine life, you’d be pleased to know that there are 10 marine protected areas and 16 dive spots in this place. What’s more, most of Bohol’s hotels and resorts are on this island.   Speaking of accommodations, how do you choose a lodging place? Do you mainly consider price or amenities? If you’re unsure and need more info about this topic, Modala Beach Resort is here to help you! As one of the top providers of Panglao, Bohol accommodations, we’ll discuss what you need to consider when choosing a place to stay in.  

Panglao, Bohol: A Majestic Destination for All Tourists 

  Whether it’s your first time visiting or you’ve been here multiple times, Panglao Island is a great place to either destress or up your adrenaline with adventure. Here are some of the things you can expect from this sought-after tourist destination:  

White Sand Beaches 

Panglao Island has two municipalities named Dauis and Panglao, which both have white sand beaches. One of the most well-known destinations is Alona Beach, which is less than an hour from Tagbilaran City, the capital of Bohol. Another beach, Bagobo Beach, has sand so fine it can be likened to cornstarch. Meanwhile, you can head to Doljo Beach to enjoy its crystal-clear waters, or proceed to the dive sites near it, like Doljo House Reef and Doljo Point.  

Dolphin Watching 

Southwest of Panglao lies Balicasag Island, where you can get a chance to see dolphins up close and personal. You can even rent a boat which will take you to where they are. Additionally, this island is a well-known scuba diving spot because of its sea turtles.  

Diving Spots 

Don’t just focus on Panglao Island’s white sandy beaches. This place also includes several diving spots to explore the Philippines’ colorful marine life. One of these is Arco Point, which faces Bagobo Beach in Barangay Libaong. Here you can find different species of eel, butterfly fish, groupers, and wrasse, among other sea creatures. And if you’ve been wanting to see an actual shipwreck up close, you can head to the Habagat Shipwreck site in Danao Beach.  

Hinagdanan Cave

Have you ever wanted to swim in a cave? Check out Hinagdanan Cave, another must-see tourist spot on Panglao Island. It’s a beautiful cave that features stalactites and stalagmites, as well as a freshwater pool, which is about three to four meters deep. And for history lovers, you’ll find it interesting that this cave served as a hiding ground for Filipinos against the Japanese army during World War II.  

Bohol Bee Farm

  If you are a fan of organic farming and produce, you will certainly enjoy visiting Bohol Bee Farm, a privately-owned resort and hotel located in the municipality of Dauis. It has a restaurant serving organic vegetables and accommodations featuring cottages, ocean-view rooms, and cliffside villas. You can also do a variety of activities here, such as kayaking, island hopping, yoga, and massages.  

The Importance of Getting a Great Accommodation 

  When you plan a vacation out of town, do you give a considerable amount of thought to choosing your accommodation? You should, as this element of your trip can either enhance or dampen it.   Choosing the right accommodation in Panglao, Bohol be it a hotel, hostel, rented room, and so on, is important for several reasons:  

Save Time and Money 

  Some accommodations are situated near popular tourist sites, restaurants, cafes, and bars, while others may be on the outskirts of these amenities. Of course, choosing the former or the latter will depend on your preference and budget, but it can be a wise choice to choose lodging that’s near those mentioned above. After all, the farther you are from the tourist destinations you wish to visit, the more money and time you will have to spend traveling to them.  

Get Rest During Your Trip 

  After a long day of sightseeing and traipsing around Panglao Island, you will surely be tired and need a good amount of rest to get ready for another round of activities the following day. Unfortunately, if you don’t put more effort into choosing your accommodation, you may end up sleeping in a place near a noisy street or one that doesn’t have amenities to make your stay more comfortable.  

Ensure Your Safety 

  Safety is another reason why you should not neglect picking a reliable accommodation. Especially if you are a solo traveler, you need to make sure you’re not settling for a questionable lodging space just because it offers cheaper rates. Knowing you are safe while in a place far from home adds to your peace of mind, helping you rest well and enjoy your stay even more.  

Things To Consider When Searching for Panglao, Bohol Accommodations 

  The good news is there are various types of accommodations in Panglao, Bohol, meaning you have plenty of options on where to stay during your vacation. To ensure you’re booking the right place for you, here are the things you need to consider:  


  Choosing accommodation near popular tourist sites and eating places in your itinerary can save you both time and money in transportation. For instance, Modala Beach Resort’s location is very convenient for our guests because it is in Panglao Town, which is less than a 15-minute drive from Panglao International Airport.   Staying here gives you access to a one-kilometer white sand shoreline, the longest in one in Panglao. Finding a place to eat is also not a problem—you can dine at our Mangaon Ta Restaurant and Al Fresco Bar, which serves both local and international dishes. Moreover, we offer in-room dining from 6:00 AM to 11:00 PM.  

Room Rates and Extra Fees 

  Of course, it’s a given that room rates will be considered whenever you book accommodation. Nevertheless, aside from the cost of staying in a room per night, make sure you also learn the hotel’s policies to avoid any problems should you need to cancel for whatever reason. Other room-related concerns to consider include the following:  
  • Room Amenities – Know what amenities are included in the room you’re paying for, such as a refrigerator, beverage counter, TV, and Wi-Fi.
  • Payment Options – Learn what payment options are accepted by the hotel. Thankfully, credit cards are accepted in many hotels on the island. There are also multiple ATMs in the area.
  • Rates Policy for Kids – Inquire about the age of children that don’t have to be included in the payment. Here at Modala, children aged six and below are free of charge, while those aged 7 to 11 are eligible for a 50% discount.

Room Size and Availability

  This will depend on how many of you are vacationing in Panglao, Bohol. Here at Modala, you can take your pick from more than 120 Filipino-themed rooms, with some having a garden or ocean view, perfect for relaxing and taking in nature.   Take note that it’s always best to book several weeks in advance so you can have more options as regards your room preferences. Otherwise, you may not be able to book your desired room. The peak season in Panglao begins in October and continues until February of the following year. Thus, if you’re looking to visit the island within this period, you should book early to avoid difficulty finding accommodations.  

Amenities Offered 

  Before you book an accommodation, identify your non-negotiables regarding amenities. For instance, if you plan to work while on the island, you should book a hotel with a strong Wi-Fi connection. Other amenities you should consider are:     Hot and Cold Water
  • Airconditioning
  • Beach View
  • TV
  • Free Breakfast
  • Toiletries
  • Gyms
  • Spas
  • Generator

Learn How to Choose the Best Deals for Accommodations 

  Read the following tips to learn how you can score the best accommodation deals here in Panglao Island, Bohol.  

Book Directly on the Hotel Website 

  Hotels sometimes offer exclusive promos for tourists who book directly on their website instead of through online travel agencies (OTAs). Booking with them directly can make things easier for you since you now don’t have to contact them through a third party.  

Compare Deals From Various Providers 

  Another way to score great deals and affordable Panglao, Bohol hotel rates is to check out different travel websites and compare their offers. To simplify this task, you can download multiple travel apps to get notified about the latest promos when they become available.  

Book During Off-Season 

  Many accommodations post promos and discounts to boost sales during off-season when there are not many tourists who visit. Aside from helping you avoid large crowds, another advantage is that there are generally lower accommodation prices in Panglao, Bohol, during this time.  

Frequently Asked Questions 


Where Is the Best Area To Live in Bohol? 

  This will depend on the kind of place you want to live in. If you want to be near white sand beaches and diving spots, Panglao Island is the area to go. On the other hand, if you want to live in a more urbanized place, it might be best to choose Tagbilaran City, the capital of Bohol province.  

Which Panglao Beach Is Best for Sunset Viewing? 

  Many of Panglao’s beaches are great spots to view the sun going down. However, two beaches you should check out to view the sunset are Panglao and Alona Beach.  

Are There Entrance Fees for Panglao Beaches? 

  This will depend on the beach. Some beaches, such as the public areas of Alona, Bagobo, Danao, Doljo, and Momo Beach, have no entrance fees. Just remember that no matter what beach it is, if it’s part of a private resort, expect an entrance fee.  


  Taking the time to choose accommodations for your trip to Panglao Island is a must to ensure you fully enjoy your visit to this stunning island.   Here at Modala Beach Resort, our wish is for our guests to be rejuvenated when they experience our services and amenities. Thankfully, the consistent reviews given to us by our visitors are proof that we are fulfilling this commitment.   If you’re interested in becoming our next guest, don’t hesitate to contact us today to learn more about our room rates and facilities. We look forward to having you stay with us!