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  Have a Sun-Sational Summer With Your Barkada at Our Panglao, Bohol Beach Resort
  September 2, 2022   |   Exaweb Corp

Have a Sun-Sational Summer With Your Barkada at Our Panglao, Bohol Beach Resort

Prepare your sleeveless tops and some shorts because summer has brought warmer temperatures again to the Philippines. During this time of the year, people invite their barkada to go on a trip somewhere far from home. They usually spend time near bodies of water to cool down, unwind, and just enjoy their time together. Do you and your friends have trip ideas already? If not, check out Modala Beach Resort in Panglao, Bohol. Our resort has great amenities and a comfortable setup that you and your friends will surely enjoy. You can even take pictures worthy of being posted on Instagram. Plan your trip to our gorgeous resort today!

What Is Panglao Island Known For?

Panglao Island is the ideal place for a vacation because it has stunning views that will surely satisfy your senses. Here are some of the things the location is known for:

White Sand Beaches

Have you been looking for gorgeous white sand beaches in the Philippines? Panglao Island is filled with just that. With beautiful sceneries everywhere you look, you will surely find the perfect spot to take memorable photos with your friends.

World-Class Diving Sites

If you love adventuring underwater, you will surely love Panglao because there are many diving sites you can explore. You can visit Arco Point, where you will find many soft corals that have pretty colors, especially on a sunny day. There is also the Napaling dive site, where there is a 40-meter wall that is rich with beautiful corals, fusiliers, and different fishes.

Delicious Food

When you visit Panglao, you will see restaurants popular around the Philippines and local ones that prepare the specialties of Bohol the best. You can also go around the area and look for hidden gems that only a few people have discovered. You might just find one that you will never forget. If you want to try out some local cuisines, drop by Mangoan Ta & Al Fresco Bar. You can also visit one of the best malls in Panglao, Bohol, the Moadto Strip. Here you can dine on different cuisines, go shopping, do activities, and participate in events.

How Do You Get Around Panglao?

It is easy to get around Panglao because you can take many modes of transportation around the island. You can go to your beach resort, restaurants, and best spots with these vehicles:


There are many tricycles in the Philippines, but there is something special when riding them in different provinces. When you take the tricycle around the beautiful island of Panglao, you will get to feel the freshness of the air. You can also get to greet the locals. Tricycle fares could go from 200 to 300 pesos if you were to take it from the city to the resorts in Panglao.


If you are with a large group and have lots of luggage, the minivan would be the perfect transportation for you around the island. It is more expensive than riding the tricycle, but it will allow you to bring all the items you need. When you ride the minivan, you can enjoy an air-conditioned trip or open the windows and enjoy the wind.


One option that can suit a small group is a taxi. Although it is also pricey, riding in a taxi is comfortable, especially when you have been traveling      around all day. It is like riding a taxi anywhere except that you are traveling around a beautiful tourist destination in the Philippines.


Buses, one of the most common modes of transportation, are also available here. You can opt to ride this around Panglao to see the area. This vehicle is perfect if you are traveling with a big group and want to enjoy the trip to your destination together. Like the taxis and minivans, the buses are air-conditioned, so you can travel in comfort.

Fun Things To Do Near Beach Resorts in Bohol

Aside from staying inside the resorts and enjoying their amenities, here are some other things you can do around Panglao Island:

Island Hopping

There are many smaller islands where you can appreciate nature in Panglao. You can visit them by going island hopping. Simply book a tour and wait for your guide to arrive. They will bring you to their boat, then instruct you to wear life jackets for safety. They will then bring you and your friends around the many islands in the area.

Cliff Diving

If you love cliff diving, Panglao is perfect for you! There are some spots in the area that you can visit and enjoy this activity. When you get to the island, you can ask the locals for the closest or best cliff diving spots, as well as where to ride to get there. Invite your friends who have not tried it, and let them experience the thrill of falling from high above.


With the many beaches around Panglao, you have no shortage of options if you want to go swimming. If you go to Modala Beach Resort, you can easily access the white sand beaches for a nice view as you go float around and enjoy the sea. Swim to your heart's content on this lovely island.


The tropical sun in Panglao is great for sunbathing! Wear your favorite swimsuit and find an area with the best views to enjoy this activity. Aside from the fun part, you also get vitamin D from doing this and it can boost your mood for the next days. Do not forget to wear sunscreen to prevent sunburns.


The island of Panglao has lots of nature surrounding it. Walk around the beach, and you will surely find wonderful sights. If you want to check out other tourist destinations, ask the locals about the best spots or search online. Some of the best ones surrounding Modala you can travel by foot

How Much Money Should You Bring for Your Trip to the Best Resort in Bohol?

When planning a trip, it's important to determine your budget. Doing so will prevent you from spending money on other things you may not have planned for initially. You need to consider that your friends might want to visit a popular bar in the area or that you want to buy pasalubong for your family. If you plan your budget well, you won't have to worry about where you'll get the money to do all these things. You can make one by planning what you want to do, where you'll be staying, and which places you want to visit. Once you've planned that with your travel mates, you'll learn how much money you should bring on your trip. So have you listed down your expenses for your trip to a beach resort in Panglao, Bohol? To help you, here are a few things to consider for your budget:


At Modala, we serve mouth-watering dishes at our restaurant and other places nearby. Many people want to visit these establishments and try most of what they have to offer since some viands and drinks are only found in Panglao. That's why when you visit the area, it's vital that you set a budget for your food. Computing the budget you need per meal may take a bit of time to do, but you will surely benefit from doing this. You can search online for the must-try food in the area and then check how much each meal costs. Once you’ve written everything down, give yourself an estimate for every restaurant. Do this step again for each place you want to eat in to get your total budget for food. Aside from that, you have to consider other snacks that you may find along the way. Some may not be published on the internet yet, but you wouldn't want to miss out on something great, right?


If you're traveling to Panglao, Bohol, it's best to book a room at a beach resort to make the most of your stay. There are many places you can stay but sleeping in a luxurious room just a few meters away from the sea is an experience you definitely have to try. You will get to breathe fresh air and hear the waves crashing by the shore as you doze off to sleep. When you wake up, you can grab a quick breakfast before changing your clothes and running to the beach for a day of fun. Like everything you will spend on your trip, your accommodation is one thing you should really consider. Staying at a nice place will make you feel relaxed and at home. An affordable beach resort in Panglao, Bohol is any place that gives back your money's worth. By that, we mean an area with comfortable rooms, various amenities, and outstanding services— a place like Modala. Knowing how much you have to allot for your accommodation is easy. Look for your chosen beach resort's website and check the rates in their booking tab, or you may go to their social media pages to ask for these details. To book a stay at Modala, all you have to do is click on our booking tab on the website to browse through the list of our Panglao beach resort’s prices on the dates you have in mind.


The things that make a beach trip with your barkada more enjoyable are the activities you can do with them. Don't just stay at the resort. Go around the place and try something out. There's more to the beach than making sand castles and swimming in the water. If you need more suggestions on what to do, here they are:
  • Snorkeling – This activity can be done at your beachfront. However, if you want to see coral reefs and more fish, you can rent a boat to take you to their best snorkeling spot.
  • Kayaking – When you rent a kayak, you can enjoy floating in the slightly deeper parts of the beach and go on an adventure to nearby destinations reachable by sea.
  • Paddle Boarding – Since the waves in resorts in Panglao are calmer, you can take your surfboard and a paddle to take a relaxing trip standing above the water.
  • Fishing – Have you ever tried fishing? It’s a calming activity you can do at the beach. Bring some fishing gear, sail to the sea, and chat with your travel mates until a fish bites.
  • Stargazing – Gaze at the stars, keep yourself warm, and tell random stories with your friends around a bonfire. This activity will surely be memorable
Once you've chosen the activities you want to do, list them on a notebook or your phone and place the estimated cost beside them. Total them, then, as always, give an allowance in case there are other activities you may want to do. You may also choose to check itineraries made by an agency to guide you on the best things to do in Panglao, Bohol.

What To Consider When Visiting a Panglao, Bohol Beach Resort

Can't wait to head to Modala? Before you book your flight and resort, there are things you must consider when going to Panglao. Learning and putting some thought into them will make your trip worthwhile.


The Philippines has two seasons: rainy and dry. You may want to check the weather updates for the dates you plan on going to Panglao, Bohol. If it's the rainy season, watch for continuous rains, thunderstorms, and typhoons. These statuses may keep you stuck in your bedrooms or delay flights and boat rides. One of the best seasons to head to the beach is during the dry season, as there are fewer chances of rain. However, you can go during the wet season if you prefer cooler weather. Just don't forget to check the weather forecast for safety.


As mentioned in the previous section, knowing how much money to bring is essential. Avoid going beyond your savings meant for your vacation by setting a budget for every expense—activities, accommodation, and food. Doing this will allow you to have a great time during your stay in Modala because you won't have to worry about expenses so much. Tell your friends about the costs, so they know how much they will need to bring. Informing your travel mates can ensure that all your favorite buddies can come with you to Panglao, Bohol.


As you'll be bonding on this trip with different people, everyone's schedule may not be the same. Some may have commitments on the day you want to go there. This is where planning ahead of time helps. After you have set the budget and checked available flights to Bohol, immediately propose the trip to your barkada. Give them options of different dates where you and they might be available. Additionally, scheduling your travel well will give everybody more time to shop for swimsuits and other items to bring to the beach. It will also allow you to get the best rooms in Modala.

Book a Stay at Modala Beach Resort Today

Go on an unforgettable adventure with your barkada to create more memories. If you're looking for the best rooms, activities, and services in a beach resort in Panglao, you can find them all at Modala in Bohol. Both you and your friends will definitely love being in this place because we see to it that your stay with us is very comfortable. Reserve rooms today!


Stay at a beautiful resort, do exciting activities, and taste food made by the locals. These things will surely help you unwind as you spend time with your best friends. Allow yourself to enjoy life by visiting a different place and being surrounded by nature. Remember to plan your trip first and check the possible things you need to spend on so you can do them all within your budget. When you do that, you have to enjoy the moment without worrying about other things. Have a sun-sational summer with your barkada. Plan your trip to Modala Beach Resort. Feel free to contact us for inquiries.
Photo Credit: 💞mylene_kp💞 on Instagram.