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  A Complete Guide to Scoring the Best Panglao, Bohol Resort Promos
  July 6, 2023   |   Exaweb Corp

A Complete Guide to Scoring the Best Panglao, Bohol Resort Promos



For many Filipinos, particularly those who work in the city and regularly deal with the grind and hustle of urban life, nothing beats unwinding by the beach. Basking under the sun, feeling the sand under your feet, and experiencing the cool seawater wash over you is truly one of the best ways to recharge and indulge your mind and body.   Thankfully, the Philippines is a country blessed with world-class beaches, some of which can be found on Panglao Island, Bohol. Thus, it’s no longer a surprise that our country is one of the top destinations in Asia for people across the globe.   However, almost every traveler’s woe is money. Going to the beach can be expensive—you’ll need to factor in airfare ticket and hotel accommodation expenses on top of paying for activities you may want to try. Hence, it’s always a huge advantage if you can score promos to enjoy your trip without having to worry about spending too much!   Modala Beach Resort is a premier hotel beach resort here in Panglao Island, Bohol. In this guide, we’re letting you in on how you can score the best Panglao, Bohol resort promos to enable you to experience the grandeur and warmth of our picturesque island.  

Reasons To Choose Panglao, Bohol As Your Next Travel Destination

  Located north of the Bohol Sea, Panglao Island has an area of a little above 90 square kilometers. It has two municipalities, namely, Panglao and Dauis. Interestingly, the name “Panglao” is derived from the word “mapanglao,” which means “lonesome place.”   That shouldn’t discourage you, however, from visiting the island! Panglao Island may not garner the same buzz as Boracay or the beaches in La Union yet. However, it is still definitely a must-see getaway and worthy of being on top of your list of Philippine islands to visit. Here are some key reasons to choose this enticing island haven as your next travel destination:  

Get a Chance To See the Dolphins 

  Watching dolphins in documentaries can already inspire awe, so how much more when you get to see them in the flesh? You can do this on Panglao Island! Just make sure to wake up early as dolphins swim and dive in groups in the morning. You can also rent a boat to see them up close.  

Visit Hinagdanan Cave 

  Panglao Island houses Hinagdanan Cave, which bares striking stalactites and stalagmites. What’s more, this cave tourist spot also features an underground lake, so going there can definitely fuel your adventurous spirit.  

Walk Along Sandy Beaches 

  Of course, the island is home to a couple of white beaches, such as Doljo, Bagobo, Alona, Danao, and Bolod Beach. Modala Beach Resort, in particular, features a one-kilometer white sand shoreline, the longest one you can find in Panglao.  

Experience Various Water Activities 

  Swimming isn’t the only thing you can enjoy on Panglao Island’s white sand beaches. You can also try various water activities, like snorkeling or scuba diving, to take a closer look at what the sea has to offer.  

Why You Should Watch Out for Promos Before Booking Your Stay

  Waiting for promos may mean you’ll need to adjust your trip schedule, but this is usually worth it to do so. Using Panglao, Bohol resort promos can significantly help you save money, which you can use for other travel expenses, such as food, souvenirs, transport, and activities.   Moreover, depending on the promo, you can get various benefits, such as complimentary drinks, free breakfast meals, spa services, or even Panglao hotel promo coupons which you can use for your next trip.  

What Type of Promos Can I Get in Panglao Beach Resorts?

  Different types of promos are offered by beach resorts all year round. Here are some of the most common:  

Seasonal Promos 

  Many promos are usually offered around the summertime because this is typically when classes end for most schools and colleges. The weather in this season is also best for traveling and outdoor activities. Meanwhile, many beach resorts offer promos coinciding with special events such as the Christmas or Lenten season because they entail multiple holidays that many Filipinos take advantage of to schedule trips and unwind.  

Special Occasion Promos 

  Beach resorts are popular venues for special occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, reunions, or company outings. Hence, many of them offer promos and packages in relation to these events. In fact, many Panglao resorts already offer wedding promo packages. If you’re planning anything big in the next few months, don’t be afraid to ask Panglao resorts if they have birthday promos or any other similar offerings.  

Direct Booking Promos 

  Direct booking refers to the method of booking accommodations directly on a hotel’s website rather than through an online travel agency (OTA) site. Hotels place exclusive promos on their website to encourage tourists to book there directly. One reason for this is that it helps them earn more by not having to pay commission fees to OTAs.  

Credit Card Promos 

  Beach resorts often partner with different banks as a way to attract more tourists. If you are a credit card holder, check what beach resorts and hotels your credit card has partnered with to score various travel perks. Some of the promos you can get include room rate discounts, complimentary lounge access, buffet breakfasts, and business service discounts.  

When Is the Best Time To Get Beach Resort Promos?

  There is no exact answer to this question, as beach resorts may post promos both regularly and occasionally. However, since seasonal promos are some of the most common promos offered, it would be best to watch out for them a couple of months before Christmas, Lent, and so on.   Another important tip would be to book in advance. Some hotels offer discounts to tourists who book days or weeks before their stay. Not to mention, advance bookings give you the assurance that you’ll get your most preferred room. Otherwise, you’ll likely end up with pricier choices or, worse, with no more available rooms at all.   Meanwhile, off-peak seasons, such as during the rainy season, are also an ideal time to get promos. Hotels know that there are fewer tourists during this period, so they offer promos as a way to boost sales.  

How To Score Great Panglao Beach Resort Promos


Compare Deals 

  Don’t settle for the first Panglao, Bohol resort promo you find. Make sure you check other sites, including beach resorts’ own websites, to get more insight into the best promos and discounts you can possibly get.  

Follow Different Social Media Pages 

  Follow the social media pages of various Panglao Beach resorts to become aware of any promos, be it a seasonal or special occasion. Do the same with airline social media channels to score cheap flights.  

Download Travel Apps 

  To make the job of scoring beach resort promos easier, it’s a good idea to download different travel applications to be notified of any discounts and exclusive offers as soon as they become available. Don’t forget to enable your notification settings, too!  

Check Your Credit Cards 

  Check your credit card to see if it offers any promos or discounts for beach resorts in Panglao, Bohol. Usually, many providers offer great travel perks related to dining, airfare, accommodations, and more.  

FAQs About Panglao, Bohol Resort Promos


What Is Panglao Island Best Known For?

  Panglao Island is known for being Bohol’s foremost beach destination. As such, you can find multiple beautiful beaches on the island, namely, Alona Beach, Kalipayan Beach Bay, Bagobo Beach, Momo Beach, and Panglao Beach, among others. Also, the majority of hotels and resorts you can find in Bohol are on Panglao Island.  

How Many Days Do You Need in Bohol?

  Planning a trip that’s at least three days is enough to explore different sites and attractions in Bohol. However, this would largely depend on the type of traveler you are, so feel free to lengthen your stay as you see fit to fully enjoy the island.  

What Month Is Best To Visit Bohol?


It is best to visit Bohol from December to May during the dry season when it’s most suitable to do various outdoor activities like swimming, sightseeing, diving, and such. This is also the best time to see Bohol’s Chocolate Hills because it is during the summer when the hills are in their iconic chocolate-brown color.  


  Panglao Island is a noteworthy beach destination that Filipinos should see, given its stunning white sand shorelines and other attractions. If it’s on your travel list this year, it’s always a good idea to wait for promos so you can enjoy your stay without burning a hole in your pocket!   And if you’re still unsure of what beach resort to relax in Panglao Island, why not try Modala Beach Resort? We offer a variety of amenities, including pool lounges, swim-up bars, spas, gyms, and gardens on top of our one-kilometer white sand shoreline. Contact us today to learn about our room rates, tour packages, and available promos!