Budget Travel Tips | Modala Beach Resort in Panglao, Bohol
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  Traveling on a Budget? Take Advantage of Panglao, Bohol Resort Promos
  June 20, 2022   |   Exaweb Corp

Traveling on a Budget? Take Advantage of Panglao, Bohol Resort Promos

Going on vacation is a great activity for you and your loved ones to unwind and enjoy each other’s company. You can relax and be at peace by bathing in the sun or listening to the waves crashing onto the shore. When you bond with nature and your family, it can help reduce the stress levels you have been building up from work or school. A great place for you to unwind is at Modala Beach Resort in Panglao, Bohol. We have promos you can avail yourself of which can help reduce the prices of the rooms you can book or the activities you can try. If you are wondering what you can do here, you can walk around the beach and swim, do some watersports, dive, and dine. Do not miss out on exciting adventures at Modala Beach Resort. Book your stay now!

Why Do People Like Traveling?

You usually hear people dreaming of going out on an adventure somewhere far from home. Sometimes they go to other places to experience something new or simply escape with to where nature is. What makes people want to travel? Here are some reasons:

Escape Reality

The world can be a pretty harsh place because of the plenty of things you have to think of, such as going to work and paying your bills. By going somewhere else, you won’t be surrounded by the usual things that make your day—not your window that always has the same scenery nor your working desk where you stay for the whole day. You can free yourself from your everyday routine and just have the best time of your life. When you go out, you can escape the reality you have. It allows you to give your busy mind a break and enjoy what you have in front of you now: the view of the place you are in.

Eat New Food

When dining at different places, you may notice that one dish does not taste exactly the same as another. It may have the same ingredients but a different flavor. Sometimes this is caused by the quality of the items from around the area. For example, if you go to places near farms, you are sure to have the freshest vegetables served to you. This is another reason people travel; they get to taste unique flavors. The difference may be caused by the type of soil, sun, wind, and so much more. Travel today to taste the variety of flavors you can try. It will surely be the best part of your adventure.

Learn About Other Cultures

Each area in the Philippines has its own traditions and norms that may not be similar to others—the Panglao beach area included. You can talk to their locals and understand their culture: what they do and why they do it. By learning about how others move, you widen your own perspective of the world. It gives you more chances to have meaningful conversations with the locals and be more empathic towards others. This is a great way to celebrate the beauty of your similarities and differences.

What Makes Panglao Beachfront Resorts the Best Places To Spend Summer In?

Aside from the exciting promos you can get for resorts in Panglao, the reason the area is the best place to spend summer in is the beach’s breathtaking views of untouched nature. You can visit their rich marine biodiversity, which is not enclosed by glass walls. Instead, just right in front of you in its most natural look. Visit the crystal clear waters today by booking a trip at one of Panglao’s best beachfront resorts, Modala.

Where To Allocate Your Budget for Vacation to Bohol Resorts

When going on a trip to other places, always consider the money you will spend. Planning a budget keeps you from overspending and prevents you from running out of funds while you are on vacation. Set a limit for spending on these things:


It is a must to never leave with an empty stomach. Make sure to allot a certain amount of money for food during your stay at Modala. By doing so, you can explore the whole Panglao beach without having to get hungry. Do also set a budget for a snack just in case you see something interesting.

Travel Allowance

The most important thing to have before leaving is hard cash that you can spend on your commute to Panglao, Bohol. Bringing enough bills and coins saves you the hassle of finding the nearest ATM in case the store or establishment you’re in doesn’t accept cards and electronic payments. With this, you can easily travel and explore using public transportation to see more sights in Panglao.

Hotel Accommodations

To get the most out of your trip to Panglao, book a room for a long stay. Determine how many days you will be staying and how many of your loved ones are coming with you. When you do this, you can learn about the room prices at Modala and set your budget accordingly.

Pocket Money

When exploring the area, you may find some fun activities you can try, like diving or outdoor massages which are separate expenses from your hotel accommodations. Set a decent amount daily that you can spend to try the best activities while you are in Panglao, Bohol.


A practice of Filipinos every time they go somewhere is to bring souvenirs back to their family or friends who could not take part in the trip. Prepare an amount you can surely use to purchase unique items in the area to give to other people. You can gift them with a craft specifically made in Bohol.