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  Experience the Best of Panglao, Bohol by Investing in Tour Packages
  July 6, 2023   |   Exaweb Corp

Experience the Best of Panglao, Bohol by Investing in Tour Packages


The Philippines is an archipelago that has a total of 7,641 islands, giving us a lot of coastlines and an estimated 36,289 beaches. This is the reason we are one of the most famous tourist destinations, especially for foreigners who are in search of tropical countries that have majestic beaches, good food, affordable accommodation, and, of course, welcoming locals.   One of the must-visit beaches in the country is the paradise-like Panglao, Bohol. Although it is not as famous as Boracay or La Union, this island is continuously being developed by the government and is gradually getting the recognition it deserves.   The island is best visited using Panglao, Bohol tour packages from Modala Beach Resort. This way, you are guaranteed to have the best experience of your life as these packages entail a lot of inclusions, from touring pristine beaches and rich cultural heritage to actually diving and seeing the vibrant marine life and doing thrilling activities.    

Why Choose Panglao, Bohol Tour Packages 

Not all people who want to travel have the luxury to dedicate a day or two to planning, booking tickets, searching for accommodation, and creating an itinerary for their next trip. Most are busy with their jobs and are looking for quick solutions that will help them organize a perfect trip without the hassle.   Good thing beachfront hotels like Modala Beach Resort offers the best Panglao, Bohol tour packages. You can get many benefits once you secure a promo package with us. For instance, it is more cost-effective. If you travel to the island and pay for the activities individually, your total expenses will be higher than when you buy a tour package that includes everything already.   Another benefit of getting a tour package is the convenience it brings. When you plan a DIY trip, you have to research everything, inquire about prices, book activities individually, and so on. These can take up your time and even stress you out as you must finalize every detail by yourself. With a tour package from Modala, all you need to do is coordinate with our staff, and the rest will be handled by our team.   Lastly, when you have a tour package, you have a chance to access exclusive experiences. The resort you acquired the package from may have partnerships with other businesses and locals, giving you access as well to Panglao, Bohol tour activities that cannot be availed of by those who do not have a package.    

Types of Tour Packages in Panglao, Bohol 

There are many types of travelers. Some prefer to do exciting activities during their vacation so they can experience new things. Meanwhile, others love exploring different places while learning about their history.   If you are planning to travel to Panglao, you can choose the type of travel package that suits your interests best. Modala Beach Resort knows that its guests may look for different packages depending on what kind of traveler they are, and we are prepared to give the best to each of our customers.   First, if you want to explore islands while trying various land and water activities, you can get island-hopping tours. These are often led by Panglao locals who know the island and ocean well. The tour includes the rental of the boat, which is fully equipped with life vests and other gear. Moreover, it includes the actual tour to different islands like Balicasag Island and the Virgin Islands. Some island-hopping tours even include water activities like snorkeling or scuba diving.   Second, if you love hiking and seeing scenic views, you can get a nature tour. This will surely refresh your mind and destress you, allowing you to have a break from the bustling city you live in. These nature trips may include hiking, cliff diving, and other activities that require you to be closer to the island’s natural resources.   Third, if you are a foreigner planning to explore the Philippines and learn more about its history, you can get cultural tours. These Panglao, Bohol cultural day trips are led by tour guides who have studied the stories behind monuments, significant landmarks, and heritages around Bohol to educate tourists.   Whatever package you choose, Modala Beach Resort can assure you that it will be well worth it, and you will enjoy your time on the island.    

How to Choose the Right Panglao, Bohol Travel Package 

When you go online, you will discover many Bohol travel packages. These are offered by hotels, locals, and other tour operators. As a traveler, it is your responsibility to do research before making your final decision and purchasing a tour package for your trip.   Modala Beach Resort is here to help make sure that you can get the best travel package when you go to Panglao, Bohol.   First, take time to identify your travel goals. Are you there to relax, try activities, or bond with your family? The answer to this will matter as it determines what kind of trip you want to have. Tour operators offer various tour packages that can give you different experiences. Once you make a decision, you can now start doing your research.   Next, with a travel goal in mind, you should determine your budget for the trip. This allows you to narrow down your choices as you will know what packages and activities fit your budget.   Third, do not forget to read reviews and ask for recommendations. Tourists who have traveled to Panglao, Bohol may leave helpful notes, opinions, comments, and reviews after their trip. By reading these, you can determine which tour operators to approach or message.    

What to Expect from a Tour Package 

Are you excited about your Bohol trip and the tour package you purchased? There are great things to expect, so make sure that you have packed well and are ready for your vacation!   When you purchase an island-hopping tour, aside from the beach hopping, this package usually includes snorkeling, which allows you to see the diverse marine life of Panglao, from colorful corals to eye-catching fishes. Moreover, you can also take a quick basic scuba diving lesson to dive in the middle of the ocean and get closer to different sea creatures.   If you buy a nature tour package, expect to see the preserved and green environment of Panglao, Bohol. Most of the businesses on the island, from big hotels to small stores, have pledged to take care of and preserve the natural surrounding of Panglao. Therefore, you can go hiking at our thriving nature trails, explore untouched caves, and go kayaking in serene lakes.   Lastly, if you plan to buy a cultural tour package, you can expect to learn about the most interesting details of the heritage sites and landmarks here in Panglao. As many people say, every place has a story, and our tour guides are ready to help tourists picture what went on in some of the most treasured sites on the island. Ultimately, after a day of touring, you will appreciate the place more as you know its rich history.    

Frequently Asked Questions 


How Much Is a Panglao Tour? 

The total budget you need for a Panglao tour will always depend on what activities you want to do, the tour you will get, the accommodation you will choose, travel expenses, and more. Therefore, we cannot give you the exact amount you will need.   However, we can list down some of the things and requirements you should prepare for so you can come up with your own budget. The things you will need to consider are your travel fare, tour package, hotel, food, activities, souvenirs, and, of course, some extra cash in case of emergencies.  

What Month Would Be Best To Visit Bohol? 

Since the best tourist attraction here is the pristine beaches, it is best to visit Bohol during the summer. You can book a trip during Holy Week, which is from March to April, so you can make the most of your holiday. Meanwhile, if you want to see the culture and learn more about the island, you can also visit in July during the Sandugo Festival.  

How Many Days Are Enough for a Trip to Bohol? 

We recommend spending at least three days in Panglao so that you can enjoy many activities as well as tour the whole island with no rush. On the first day, you can go on an island-hopping tour to explore the beauty of the destination. For the next few days, you can try their cuisine in between doing various land and water activities.    


Traveling is so much fun when you don’t have to worry about booking every single activity and other extra trips by yourself. With tour packages offered by hotels like Modala Beach Resort, rest assured that you can make the most of your time on the island.   For inquiries, questions, and concerns about our current Panglao, Bohol tour packages, feel free to contact our team! Modala Beach Resort is ready to serve you.