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  Maayong Pag-Abot Sa Panglao! A First-Time Traveler’s Guide to Bohol
  June 20, 2022   |   Exaweb Corp

Maayong Pag-Abot Sa Panglao! A First-Time Traveler’s Guide to Bohol

In 2018, the contribution of tourism to the Philippines’ Gross Domestic Product reached 12.7%. That’s how much people around the world love traveling and exploring different tourist spots and hidden gems in our country. Most people travel in groups or with their special loved ones. And indeed, traveling is one of the best ways to enjoy life and bond with other people. But, how often do you think of buying a plane ticket to a place you’ve never visited just for yourself? Traveling alone is among the most exciting and, at the same time, scariest things you can do. The thought of exploring an unknown place by yourself—not knowing their language and without any familiar people around might terrify you. However, there are numerous lessons you can learn once you muster the courage to do it. If you are ready to do so, Bohol is the best place to start. Several accommodations like Modala Beach Resort offer Bohol travel packages convenient for first-time solo travelers. With Bohol tour packages, you can explore the whole island without worrying about building a complicated itinerary and booking different activities.

Is Panglao, Bohol a Nice Place To Visit for First-Time Travelers?

One of the perks of solo traveling is you get to pick your destination and the activities you want to do. For first-timers, you might want to acquire Bohol travel packages as the island, especially Panglao, is relatively easy to navigate. Furthermore, there are several lovely accommodations by the beach where you can stay at while exploring the island. Here are more reasons to book a package tour in Bohol:

Easy To Navigate

You can enter Panglao through the Panglao Bohol International Airport, the first eco-airport in the Philippines. It only takes about an hour and a half to get to the island when you take a plane from Manila. On the other hand, if you want to enjoy the majestic seas, you can also ride a ferry boat to the Tagbilaran Ferry Terminal, which takes 25 hours and 33 minutes. Once you get there, many modes of public transport await you—from taxis and buses to jeepneys and tricycles. When you have a Bohol travel package arranged from Modala Beach Resort, we can directly pick you up at the airport or the ferry terminal. Our car transfers accommodate up to three adults, or two adults and two children under the age of 12. This is a great help for solo travelers since they can be confident that a ride is waiting for them once they arrive at their tourist destination. To roam around the island, you can rent motorcycles and ride their public transportation from one tourist location to another. Some famous sceneries are quite close to each other, so the travel time won’t take so long.

Friendly Locals

Being hospitable is a known trademark of all Filipinos. Wherever you go, may it be in Manila or our provinces, Filipinos will always welcome tourists with a smile and make anyone feel right at home. This is the same attitude Panglao locals show when tourists visit their beautiful island. As a first-time solo traveler, you will find yourself constantly asking for directions or looking for local restaurants and shops despite having a Bohol itinerary. Locals can be easily approached when you have questions. Some of them will even go out of their way and volunteer to accompany you.

Reasonably Priced Items

In every getaway, it is expected for you to do activities, eat local delicacies, and take home souvenirs. While doing so, you must not forget about the budget you allotted for the trip. When you visit Panglao and get an island tour package, you will save more money as the price you will pay will be fixed already. However, if you do not book one, the costs of the activities, accommodation, and meals are still reasonable, so you don’t have to worry that much. You might also want to include a budget breakdown when creating your Bohol itinerary. Their local restaurants offer dishes starting at P60. Meanwhile, there are cheap resorts that can provide you with a room for only a minimum of P1,000 per night. Moreover, some tourist spots only require entrance fees that will not exceed P100.

Tips for People Traveling to Bohol for the First Time

Once you book a stay at Panglao, Bohol, an overwhelming feeling of excitement and happiness fills you. Every first-time solo traveler has been in that position. But do not let that thrilling feeling blind you from the responsibilities that come along when you explore a new destination alone. There are several things you should remember, and Modala Beach Resort is here to give you tips.

Make a Comprehensive Bohol Itinerary

An itinerary is a must-have when it comes to traveling alone. This keeps you on schedule and prepares you for your solo adventure. Before creating one, you should first consider the best time to visit Panglao and the activities you can do on the island. By doing so, you can start planning what month to go and book a roundtrip plane ticket in advance. Moreover, you can align your itinerary based on the activities. One of the most important things to include in your itinerary is your hotel accommodation. It is recommended to book a Bohol travel package with a reliable beach resort like Modala to avoid spending the night in some random hostel. By getting one with us, you are promised a beautiful Filipino-themed room complete with amenities like a smart TV, bed, hot and cold shower, 24/7 internet access, a safety deposit box, and a tea and coffee facility. Lastly, your itinerary should also contain an emergency plan if things don’t go your way. Accidents, robberies, or medical issues are unavoidable when traveling alone. Thus, it is better to be prepared. Research for nearby hospitals, police stations, and other public facilities you can ask help from. It is also important to bring your medications with you as well as a small first aid kit containing alcohol, gauze pad, plasters, and pain killers.