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  5 Thrifty Tips You Should Know if You’re Traveling on a Budget
  October 19, 2023   |   Exaweb Corp

5 Thrifty Tips You Should Know if You’re Traveling on a Budget


The Philippines is a treasure trove of majestic white-sand shorelines, spectacular dive spots, and abundant marine life. This is no wonder, as the country is composed of over 7,000 islands, many of which have become sought-after tourist spots for both local and foreign travelers.

One of these must-see island havens is Panglao. Located southwest of Bohol, it is a destination that tourists should not miss. However, money can be a concern for travelers, and understandably so, because you still have to consider your airfare, accommodation, and transportation, among other expenses.

Nevertheless, traveling doesn’t have to be only for the wealthy. Even those with a limited budget can still fulfill their travel goals. One way to do that is by getting Panglao hotel promo coupons, such as the ones offered by Modala Beach Resort, one of the best beach resorts on Panglao Island.

Continue reading as we delve into more tips to teach you how to travel despite being on a tight budget.


Is It Possible To Travel on a Budget?

While it can be challenging, traveling is certainly possible even if you’re on a budget.

For instance, plan your trip in advance. Doing so gives you more time to compare airfare and accommodation rates online so you can book the most affordable ones.

Booking several months ahead can also help you score discounts and avoid high travel expenses that come during the peak season of your destination. Be sure to stay informed about special offers and discounts, too, by following the social media channels of different airlines, hotels, and other establishments in your target destination.

We also suggest traveling in groups to enable you to split traveling expenses with other people wherever possible. In addition, if you have them, don’t forget to bring your senior citizen, student, and persons with disability (PWD) IDs. This can help you save money on transport and other expenses.


Top Things To Prepare When Traveling  

When traveling, it’s wise to spend most of your budget on what matters. Here are four essential things you should prepare for financially:

Travel Fare  

Allot a large part of your budget for airplane tickets. You can also travel by ship, which can help you save money, but it can take longer. You should also factor in the different transport services to get around your destination, such as tricycles, taxis, jeeps, or boats.


Panglao Island is Bohol’s foremost beach destination, so you will find plenty of hotels and other forms of accommodation here. Your accommodation expenses will vary depending on several factors, such as the size of the room and the amenities offered. Take note also that accommodations can become pricier the nearer they are to popular tourist spots.


Scuba diving, snorkeling, island hopping, dolphin watching, and cave touring are just some of the exciting activities you can do on the island. The peak season may affect the rates for these activities, but doing them as a group can score you discounts.

Food and Other Essentials  

Of course, you’ll need to set aside money for food and other essentials. To limit your food expenses, try not to eat in restaurants too much. Instead, cook your meals using fresh goods bought from local markets if your accommodation allows it. You may also need to purchase other items, such as backpacks, suitcases, packing organizers, and sunscreen, especially if you plan to experience the white-sand beaches of Panglao.


How To Save Money When Traveling to Panglao, Bohol

Traveling on a budget becomes easier when you take advantage of various tips and tricks to help you minimize your travel expenses. Here are some of them:

Look for Panglao Hotel Promo Coupons

There are various ways to score Panglao hotel promo coupons to get discounts on food, accommodation, amenities, and more. Many hotels offer season-based or events-based promos. Also, customers who are part of a loyalty program may get special offers from the establishment.

Some hotels also give coupons for tourists who book directly on their website, but you can still try checking out online booking platforms for limited promos. Your credit card may be partnered with a Panglao hotel, too, so check if using it to book a room can get you discounts.

Get a Travel Package

Another way to save money when traveling is by booking a tour package. It can be a cost-effective option because tour operators have the advantage of getting lower hotel and transport rates because they book multiple people.

Aside from savings in travel expenses, a tour package can make your vacation even more enjoyable because you don’t have to create a travel itinerary. All the sites you will visit and the activities you will be doing will be handled by your tour operator.

Wait for Seat Sales

Seize the discounted airfare rates airlines offer sometimes. Cheap flights are often available during the off-peak season for traveling, which is around July to November. Some airlines also choose certain months to offer low-priced tickets in time for their anniversary sale or during the last quarter of the year for their end-of-year seat sale.

Buy Affordable Local Meals

One of the ways to reduce your travel expenses is by buying foods native to the area. You can also eat in restaurants but find ones that are lesser known to avoid crowds and eat more affordable dishes.

As much as possible, don’t purchase snacks at the airport. Bring your own and put them in your carry-on luggage. Just make sure to avoid bringing liquids, as you may not be allowed to take them with you.

Pack Your Essentials

Make a list of essential items you’ll need for your trip so you don’t forget them. Otherwise, you may have to purchase them at the airport or at your destination, which means you will be buying those items at a much higher price. Some of these essentials include a water bottle, toiletries, swimming accessories, and medicines.



You don’t have to wait till you save a huge amount of money before you start ticking off your travel bucket list! Just make sure you plan your trip in advance and be smart about your budget allocation.

If you’re looking to relax in a beachfront hotel in Panglao, Bohol, look no further than Modala! We have 126 Filipino-themed rooms and top-notch amenities that include swimming pools, a spa, a gym, a spacious ballroom, and more. Moreover, you can trust that Modala Beach Resort rates are reasonable and worth your every peso. Contact us today to learn more!