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  A Taste Of The Good Life: Work Remotely From Panglao Island Hotels
  May 15, 2023   |   Exaweb Corp

A Taste Of The Good Life: Work Remotely From Panglao Island Hotels


People have been strictly working inside offices or location sites for the longest time. This setup has existed since ancient Rome, where official work was conducted in designated spaces inside buildings. Since then, we have been so used to traveling to work daily to sit at our office desks and attend meetings with our co-workers.   With the COVID-19 pandemic hitting us in early 2020, everything has changed, primarily how we work. Given that no one is allowed to go outside due to the threat of the virus, we were forced to adapt and do our jobs in our homes, converting our bedrooms or living rooms into temporary office spaces.   Indeed, this effect changed how companies function, and it was all for the better. Now, more and more businesses can see the advantage of working from home, which gives employees the freedom to go wherever they want as long as they do their job.   If you are searching for great destinations where you can work remotely, try Panglao Island hotels like Modala Beach Resort. You can book a room with us for an extended stay and enjoy working with a majestic view from the hotel or right at the white sand beach in front.    

Working Remotely: A Taste of Work-Life Balance

Many people got the chance to experience working from home for more than two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Most of us loved the idea and will never return to working at offices even after it has been deemed that face-to-face meetings can now be held.   Working remotely gave us the taste of work-life balance. We need not wake up early just to be stuck in traffic on our way to work. Moreover, after our shift, we can instantly rest and relax. This also made us realize that the work we do in offices can be easily done at home, some even becoming more productive as they don’t have to worry about anything other than finishing their tasks.   This working setup also encouraged people to leave their houses and travel while still having full-time jobs. For instance, you can visit different beachfront hotels in Panglao, Bohol, by packing your laptop and finding spots to work. Overall, it was a change we did not expect to be a norm. Companies and employees all had to adjust to this new working culture, and it was all worth it.  

Work Remotely From Relaxing Panglao Island Hotels 

Are you ready to have some fun while still earning money? Work from the best Panglao Island hotels now! Here are some things you should take note of before booking a stay at hotels in Panglao Island:  

Determine The Cost of Living 

We all want to travel, experience new things, and still live our lives while working. But, we should not be careless about budgets. Determine the cost of living in the destination that you will choose. See to it that you will not exceed your intended amount by searching for affordable restaurants and bang-for-the-buck accommodation deals. It may also help if you talk to the locals there and ask for tips about where you can buy some essentials for a lower price.  

Stay During The Best Season

Bad weather can easily ruin your work-travel stint. Make sure you find out the best time to stay at your chosen location. For instance, if you plan to work remotely in beach hotels, it is best to do so during the summer. This way, you can enjoy sunbathing under the sun while doing tasks and not worry if it will rain. Furthermore, choosing the best season allows you to make the most of your travel since you can visit tourist spots that offer seasonal activities.  

Plan a Work Routine

Since you are free to work anywhere, you must still deliver your best work. Plan a work routine so that you can manage your time well. Prioritize finishing your work before doing anything else so that you can chill and travel without thinking about unfinished tasks.  

Ensure Stable Internet Connection

Having an internet connection allows us to connect with our workmates while working. It is a must that you have a stable internet connection anywhere you go. Before booking a room, inquire about free Wi-Fi connection inside your hotel. To be safe, we recommend subscribing to a reliable data plan or bringing your own pocket Wi-Fi.  

Don’t Forget To Explore

After working, don’t forget why you booked a stay in a hotel in the first place. Go have fun and explore the island you are on. You can even try asking the hotel staff which tourist spots are worth visiting. Meanwhile, if you want an adventure, you can also schedule water and land activities during your time off.  

Be Mindful of Your Environment

Some work files and meetings are confidential. So, if you are working in a place where you know there will be a lot of tourists or other hotel guests, it is best to stay inside your hotel room or a private space while working. Being mindful of your environment will help you avoid problems or issues related to work.    

Modala Beach Resort Is Open For Longer Stays

Modala Beach Resort is a paradise hotel near Panglao Airport. You can easily travel to the island via an airplane for about an hour and a half from Manila. We offer many amenities, beach activities, and cozy hotel rooms that can be your temporary working space for the next few weeks.   Have a taste of work-life balance once you choose to stay with us! Inquire about having extended stays in our hotel for more information before you schedule a flight going here.    


Working remotely is a privilege some of us get to have today. Before, we couldn’t even imagine having no office buildings to go to, conducting meetings online, or working at our homes.   This change in the work culture gave us more control over what we do with our time. Take advantage of it by working from the best Panglao Island hotels. Inquire and book a room at Modala Beach Resort now!