Best Beach in Panglao - Bohol Resorts Philippines | Modala
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Visit the Beautiful Island of Panglao

Panglao Island is located in the southwest area of Bohol, and it is divided into ten barangays, each rich in tourist destinations. The island boasts a beautiful white sand beach with crystal-clear waters and spectacular diving sites. Moreover, there are lots of nature trips you can enjoy doing, from visiting caves, farms, snorkeling spots, and botanical gardens.

The Different Features of Panglao Island

Modala Beach Resort sits on the beautiful island of Panglao. It is located at the very tip of the island’s northwest side that stretches for over 15,000 square meters. Inside this tropical-meets-modern resort are 126 Filipino-themed rooms that can accommodate guests from anywhere in the world. On top of that, this beach haven in Panglao, Bohol has an urban-style mall called Moadto Strip, where people can go shopping by the sea.

Places To Visit When in Panglao

There are some destinations in Panglao that you should never miss when you visit the island. For starters, you can spend the day at Alona Beach and eat at their famous beachside restaurants. Hinagdanan Cave is a must-visit spot, too. It is a mysterious cave where you can witness different rock formations.

Things To Do When You’re in Panglao

Exciting activities await you when you visit the beautiful beaches in Panglao, Bohol. You can start by going to the best diving and snorkeling spots. Afterward, you can ask the locals where you can rent a boat for island hopping. When the sun sets, you can lay by the beach and get a relaxing massage.

Delicacies You Can Enjoy at Panglao, Bohol

No getaway is complete without a food trip! This place not only has the best beaches in Panglao, Bohol but it’s also a perfect spot to tickle your tastebuds with organic and fresh vegetable dishes. A particular restaurant called Bohol Bee Farm serves farm-to-table salads and other Filipino dishes. As for sweets, you can have a taste of their malunggay ice cream—a combination of creamy and healthy dessert.


This is your sign to visit a slice of paradise called Panglao Island! Make the most of your
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