Moadto Strip Panglao, Bohol | Modala Beach Resort
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Panglao Island


Moadto Strip

Shop at the Moadto Strip Mall Near Modala

You cannot miss shopping or even just strolling around Moadto Strip when you book a stay at Modala Beach Resort. This 300-sqm urban-style mall is nestled between Panglao’s white sand beach and its clear waters. Inside, there are about 40 commercial shops as well as restaurants that offer a wide variety of dishes.

Why People Enjoy Visiting
Moadto Strip Mall


Moadto Strip can satisfy all your cravings—from famous and savory Lechon to unique and creamy malunggay ice cream. It also houses convenience stores where you can grab quick snacks and drinks while you’re on your way to do different beach activities After your getaway, it’s also best to take home Panglao’s delicacies which are sold by food stores on the island.


It has been a tradition to take home souvenirs after visiting tourist spots. Moadto Strip offers locally made trinkets and other mementos from the island. Here, you can find souvenirs shaped in different kinds of sea creatures, as well as the famous Philippine tarsier.


Travelers can rent different activity gear like kayaks, paddleboards, and diving equipment from the mall if they choose to do those island activities. Additionally, some retailers offer cabana and banig rentals for those who want to enjoy lounging around the beach or getting their summer tan lines.


You will never run out of activities to do and events to attend to at Moadto Strip. They host anticipated mass and special performances from DJs and other entertainers. The best thing about this is you can enjoy these events and, at the same time, discover new artists to watch or listen to.

Visit Moadto Strip Mall Today

Malling is more fun at Moadto Strip! Visit it and enjoy its different offerings when you book a stay with Moadala Beach Resort.
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