Best Resort in Panglao, Bohol | Modala Beach Resort
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Explore Panglao, Book a Stay at Modala Beach Resort

Skip the overcrowded resorts in the city and visit a slice of beautiful and peaceful paradise—the Modala Beach Resort. Unlike other beachfront resorts, Modala offers unending fun activities that your whole family can enjoy doing. Additionally, we have cozy modern Filipino-themed rooms that you can call your home while staying at Modala.

Why Choose Modala

In a regular resort, you can expect a decent room and a pool to swim in. But when you choose Modala, you’re signing up for a day full of adventure! We offer many activities that you can only find in the finest resort in Panglao, Bohol. Here are some of them:

What We Offer

Motorized Activities

There are many things you can enjoy doing under the sun aside from swimming. Try Modala’s motorized activities like jet ski rentals, sunset cruises, and sports and recreational fishing.

Non-Motorized Activities

Here’s an exciting and enjoyable way to get your body moving! Enjoy Modala’s non-motorized activities like paddleboarding, kayaking, and horseback riding. Doing these will surely allow you to make the most of your stay at the best resort in Panglao, Bohol.

Beach Activities

Every vacation is not complete without beach activities. Make the most out of your stay by playing beach volleyball, frisbee, archery, and dartboards! Modala also offers snorkeling for those who want to explore Panglao’s marine life.

Wellness Activities

After a full day of tiring activities, it is time to relax and rest at one of the most peaceful resorts in Panglao, Bohol. Try Modala’s yoga, Zumba, and water aerobics to calm your mind and body.


A lot of fun and exciting activities are waiting for you! Book a stay now at Modala Beach Resort.
Visit our website to know our rates and other offerings.