TripAdvisor Reviews - Modala Beach Resort
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star ratingBusiness Event - I love the place. The staff was really nice. The place was clean and the room was spacious, bed and pillow are fresh and the bathroom was pretty. The water... read more

Pauline Josnel D
May 27, 2023

star ratingModala - Daghang Salamat ❤️ The staff are so hospitable, kind and amazing Even the rooms, the view and the food all are amazing !! ❤️❤️❤️ Thank you so much Modala Magakita gid kita liwat

Paul Benedict B
May 27, 2023

star ratingModala Experience MWC 2022 AWARDEE - A very nice, relaxing place; a complete whole package of total anti-stress. Food selection is great, sweets are best for sweet-tooth. The kayak activity is great and visiting mangrove is... read more

Heromi M
May 27, 2023

star ratingA great place for vacation - The hotel , Food and People are very helpful. They always smile and greet every time.
The room is spacious clean and they always replace the towel.
The food... read more

Maricel B
May 27, 2023

star ratingBest stay ever!!! - Best place to stay if you are in Bohol. Beatiful beach, offers sumptiuos food, very clean rooms and very accomodating and cheerful staff. The pool is warm so you can... read more

Narissa R
May 27, 2023

star ratingNice Food!
Nice amenities!
Accommodating staff!
Good location for airport transfer but not for city tour and tourist spots tour. Land travel consumes most of your time so better... read more

avatar thumb Guide63324873899
May 27, 2023