Things to Do in Panglao, Bohol With Family | Philippines
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  Discover the Best Family-Friendly Activities on Panglao Island Now
  July 6, 2023   |   Exaweb Corp

Discover the Best Family-Friendly Activities on Panglao Island Now


Panglao is one of the two towns that can be found on Panglao Island. It was found by Spaniards after an unsuccessful journey in Cebu. And those who discovered the island in 1803 named it Panglao after the word “mapanglao,” which means lonesome place. From then, it became one of the oldest towns in Bohol, with a population of 39,839 as of May 2020. Although the place seemed lonesome initially, it gradually became one of the best places to go to when you are in Bohol. There are many things to do in Panglao, especially if you want to make the most of your time and bond with your family. The location boasts majestic beaches, premium beachfront hotels, crystal-clear ocean, diverse marine life, and other tourist spots that you can only find on the island.   So, if you want to discover the best family-friendly activities in Panglao, book a flight now and stay at Modala Beach Resort. Our hotel is near the famous tourist spots on the island, and we offer various water and land activities that every family member can enjoy doing. By going on this trip, you are given a chance to build stronger relationships and even get closer to your family members.  

Beach Activities

Parents often plan family vacations during the summer as their kids have their long break from school. During this season, it is also too hot or humid to stay indoors and do activities. Therefore, one of the best options is to find a great beach destination like Panglao and search for things to do in that location.   When you visit the island, you can instantly see the beauty of our beaches, and you can perform activities. For instance, you can go take a dip in the water. There are shallow parts by the shoreline where your kids can practice their swimming skills. Meanwhile, if you want a more immersive activity, you can try snorkeling with the guidance of local instructors.   For those who just want to do something chill and not so extreme, you can build sandcastles, go kayaking, and play beach volleyball. These are all perfect for your kids because you can join them while doing the activities.   The best beaches in Panglao that you can explore are Alona Beach, Dojo Beach, Dumaluan Beach, Libaong Beach, Danao Beach, and San Isidro Beach.  

Island Hopping Tours

One of the best things to do in Panglao is go on an island-hopping tour. Once you arrive at Modala Beach Resort, you can ask our staff to connect you with locals who offer island hopping activities to visitors. Afterward, you will be asked to rent a boat together with other tourists who want to visit the nearby islands. Some parents might find this activity to be risky, especially for kids. However, rest assured that your children will stay safe even as they have the time of their lives since they will be given life vests. The guides are also well-trained and experienced in hosting these tours. The island hopping usually starts from the pickup point, which is Alona Beach. This beach houses many restaurants and shops that you can visit while waiting for your boat. After departing from the island, you will be taken to Balicasag Island and Virgin Island Bar, where you can take great photos, swim, and snorkel. In between going to islands, you can also watch dolphins as they pass by and dive with turtles. The locals can rent your gear to do these activities, and they will be there to instruct you on what to do. Surely, the whole family will love these experiences as they are new and exciting. More than the great view and awesome marine life, they will enjoy the memories you are creating together.  

Cultural Attractions

Indeed, it is fun to do exciting things in Panglao. However, you can make this trip more memorable by making it educational for your children as well. You can explore different cultural attractions on the island by simply researching the history of the places. Moreover, there are tour guides that you can ask to help you understand more about why some destinations are considered historical. For instance, you can go to the Panglao Watchtower. This is a five-story hexagonal bell tower built in 1851, located beside the San Agustin Parish Church. Its shape made it a famous landmark on the island. Moreover, it is considered the tallest tower of its kind in the Philippines.   It is in dire need of repairs and reconstruction at the moment, but the government plans to preserve it as it was an important part of its history, serving as the defense system of the military before. By going to places like this, your children can take home stories and facts about the place, enriching their knowledge about Bohol and our history.  

Food and Dining

Another great thing to do in Panglao is explore places to find the best dishes and local restaurants. When you choose to stay at Modala Beach Resort, you can start your food trip journey at our hotel. We house a restaurant that offers delicious international and Asian cuisine. While looking for restaurants, it is also important to find places that offer kid-friendly meals. Here at Panglao, we recommend Bohol Bee Farm, Giuseppe Pizzeria & Sicilian Roast Bohol, and Isis Bungalows and Thai Restaurant. Each of these places offers cuisines that all family members can enjoy munching on after a tiring day full of land and water activities.  


Going on a vacation with your family can strengthen your bond and allow each member to get to know each other more. For your next trip here at Panglao, Bohol, consider finding things to do that can be enjoyed by the whole family – from land and water activities to food and historical sites you can visit. Book a stay here at Modala Beach Resort! We have various amenities you can freely use as well as cozy Filipino-themed rooms that can house your whole family during your Bohol vacation. If you have questions or concerns about our offerings, feel free to contact our team!