Types of Accommodation in Panglao, Bohol Beach
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  What Kind of Panglao Accommodation Suits You Best? Find Out Here!
  October 19, 2023   |   Exaweb Corp

What Kind of Panglao Accommodation Suits You Best? Find Out Here!


In an ideal world, we’d want no less than a perfect vacation—the kind of trip where everything falls into place, and all our plans are achieved down to the dot. The reality, however, is there are various factors we cannot control that can potentially ruin our travel itinerary, such as stormy weather or sudden illnesses.

While such things are often unavoidable, careful research and planning are still effective in preventing many things that can go wrong on your vacation. Choosing the right kind of accommodation is one example.

If you’re struggling to find a suitable lodging place for your trip, this is entirely normal. After all, there are multiple options available, from hotels to transient houses, particularly here on the beautiful island of Panglao. The good news is that Modala Beach Resort is here to the rescue!

In this article, we’ll tackle the various types of accommodations in Panglao, Bohol, to help you narrow your choices down to the most suitable ones.


Why Choosing the Right Accommodation Is Vital

Remember, your accommodation will serve as your “home sweet home” during your trip and is where you’ll recharge after a long day of sightseeing. Needless to say, finding the right one is a must! Here are other reasons that highlight the importance of choosing the right lodging place for your vacation:

Ensures Your Safety  

As a stranger in a new place, you need to be extra vigilant. Tourists are often targets of people with harmful intentions because they know travelers often carry money and other valuables. Avoid booking rooms in secluded places, especially rentals that offer incredibly cheap rates to ensure your safety and peace of mind.

Have a Convenient Trip

The location of your booking will influence your schedule. For instance, if you book a hotel farther from popular tourist spots, you’ll most likely get lower room rates. However, doing this may be inconvenient since you’ll need to allot time and money for transport.

Find What You’re Looking For

Not all travelers are the same. A family will need amenities different from those of a solo tourist. The thing is, some accommodations are better suited to particular types of travelers, so you need to take time to know the details of your accommodation before you boo. This helps you ensure that the place offers what you need.


What Type of Accommodation in Panglao, Bohol, Is Best for You?

How do you know you’re booking the right place for your trip? Continue reading below as we discuss the various types of accommodations in Panglao, Bohol, and explain which type of travelers will benefit the most from them.

Beachfront Hotel

As its name suggests, a beachfront hotel is located by the coast, offering guests direct access to the seashore. It is one of the best accommodation options for travelers due to its versatility. Many beachfront hotels, such as Modala, offer a broad array of rooms and amenities that cater to various types of tourists, from families to solo vacationers.

And because they are situated along the beach, beachfront hotels are perfect for people who prefer getting to the seashore in as little time as possible. What’s more, aside from being a beachfront hotel, Modala is a Panglao resort with private pools, so guests can have the best of both worlds when it comes to swimming!


Also known as vacation rentals, apartments offer multiple furnished rooms complete with bathrooms, kitchen areas, and living spaces. Because it is generally more

affordable than hotels, apartments are best for travelers who plan to stay in Panglao for an extended period. This accommodation is also suited for tourists who prefer an informal and homey ambiance.

Transient House

Often, a transient house is a privately owned house rented to travelers. Like an apartment, it features bedrooms, bathrooms, a kitchen, and a living space. It is ideal for friends or workers on vacation looking to minimize their accommodation expenses since they can split the rates among themselves.

However, sometimes, the owners of the transient house also reside in another part of the house. Make sure to inquire about this if you’re not comfortable with such an arrangement.

Bed and Breakfast

Also called B&Bs, bread and breakfast accommodations first became popular in Great Britain during the 1800s. This type of lodging is similar to transient houses in several ways. Many of them are also family-run businesses and offer a home-like ambiance. B&Bs also include breakfast meals in their nightly rates, making them a good choice for travelers who need a place to stay for the night.

Luxury Lodge

Luxury lodges are like elaborate, lavish homes, often located in picturesque settings. From the name itself, luxury lodges cater to wealthy tourists who have the budget to splurge on premium services and amenities. Moreover, their idyllic surroundings make them perfect for unwinding and relaxing without mingling with other tourists.

Camping Grounds

Travelers who want to experience the ruggedness of nature can try camping. Often found in recreational centers, camping grounds usually offer only the most basic amenities. However, there are also others that are more sophisticated and feature restaurants, pools, leisure areas, and so on.

Because tents can be somewhat uncomfortable sleeping quarters, camping grounds are not ideal lodging places for older travelers or families with children.


Modala Beach Resort: One of the Best Hotels in Panglao, Bohol  

Whether you’re vacationing with kids, friends, officemates, or on your own, Modala Beach Resort is complete with facilities that are sure to offer all types of travelers a pleasurable trip! With over 100 rooms that perfectly combine comfort and style, guests can expect a relaxing and delightful stay when visiting Panglao, Bohol.

We are a beachfront hotel that boasts a one-kilometer white-sand shoreline and a broad array of amenities that include swimming pools, lounges, spas, a gym, and a promenade. Getting here is easy, too, because we are a hotel near Panglao airport; we can even arrange personal pickup services for you.

Relaxing isn’t the only thing you can do here in Modala! We offer various activities you can enjoy with friends and family, such as fishing, sunset cruises, kayaking, snorkeling, and water aerobics. Also, don’t worry if you’re a traveler on a budget—aside from our tour packages, we also have promos and discounts you can take advantage of.

Are you excited to experience the wonders of Panglao Island, Bohol? Contact us today for more information about our room rates. See you soon!