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  Feel At Home in Panglao, Bohol: The Best Accommodations You Can Find
  March 20, 2023   |   Exaweb Corp

Feel At Home in Panglao, Bohol: The Best Accommodations You Can Find


Traveling is one of the leisure activities people enjoy doing. In fact, we love it so much that even our ancestors have been exploring different destinations since the Ancient Roam, dating over 2,000 years ago. Mostly, they have done it to look for water, food, and shelter sources. In addition, some known people traveled to take over lands or countries, resulting in disagreements with groups living in those places. Nowadays, we travel for fun and to take a breather from our busy lives, carefully choosing where to spend our precious breaks from work. If you haven’t decided on your next travel destination yet, we have a suggestion for you. Visit Panglao, Bohol, an island both locals and foreigners love. Panglao is famous for its white sand beaches, enchanting lakes, springs, caves, and world-class diving sites. For those wondering where to stay in Panglao, Bohol, you can book a room at Modala Beach Resort. We have cozy Filipino-themed rooms with scenic views of our garden or the ocean. Modala also offers tour packages that are great lifesavers for those who still do not have their travel itinerary for their Panglao trip.

Where To Stay in Panglao, Bohol

Getting excellent accommodation makes much difference when traveling. It allows you to confidently explore the location without worrying if you will have a place to rest or stay at night. Moreover, if you check in before traveling, you will have a secured space to leave your luggage or bags. This is highly convenient, especially if you bring a week’s worth of clothes and essentials. Here are some accommodations you can choose from:

Beachfront Hotels and Resorts or Beach Huts

Beachfront hotels and resorts are comfortable accommodations for families or big groups, especially if you bring children. These establishments usually offer amenities such as swimming pools, kiddie pools, and other activities that the whole family can enjoy once they are done exploring tourist spots and beaches. In the Philippines, hotels and resorts can vary from luxurious ones that offer buffets, al fresco dining areas, ballroom halls, and spas to simple places that offer standard air-conditioned rooms and an amazing lobby. Panglao, Bohol has many affordable beach resorts and hotels. So, if you want more than just a room to sleep in, book one today at Modala Beach Resorts.

Bed and Breakfast Accommodations

Bed and breakfast accommodations are commonly built by families who want to turn their property into affordable lodging for guests. They include your own room, a private bathroom, and complimentary breakfast for people occupying the space. Bed and breakfasts are perfect for couples exploring tourist spots and trying different activities. After all, during the day, they’ll leave their room and return at night to rest. Therefore, they may not need various amenities. Another advantage of booking a bed and breakfast package is that owners usually offer home-cooked breakfast. They prepare Filipino dishes that will make you feel at home and taste the authentic dishes from the island.

Transient Houses and Backpacker Inns

If you travel a lot, you probably have experience checking in to transient houses or backpacker inns. These establishments offer basic rooms for guests, a space where you can sleep and shower—nothing more and nothing less. So, if you are someone who goes with the flow and impulsively decides to travel, you can quickly get a room from these accommodations, as they usually accept walk-in guests. The only downside is that you cannot really expect the place to have amenities or offer any activities. Their priority is to provide a decent place for backpackers to rest and sleep, not entertain guests who expect a premium hotel establishment like other Panglao Bohol resorts. It is also good to note that transient houses are not just for individual backpackers. Groups and families can also book a stay at these places because these accommodations have big rooms with bunk beds that can fit up to 15 people.

Apartment Rentals

Some travelers prefer picking a place to explore, and they stay there for weeks or even months to try everything the destination has to offer. If you plan to stay longer than two weeks, it is best to search for apartment rentals. Apartment rentals are actual houses, usually two stories high, with bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room, and bathrooms. Sometimes, they even have a garage for those who plan to bring their own car. This is ideal for long-term stays as booking a hotel room for months will cost you a lot. If you plan to go on this route, it will be similar to renting a house since you will pay a monthly rent to your landlord or caretaker. Furthermore, some of these properties already have essential furniture like tables, chairs, a bed, and other kitchen appliances.

The Best Places You Can Visit Near Your Accommodation

Once you pick your accommodation, you can create an itinerary of what places you can visit and which tourist spots are worth seeing.


Since the Philippines is a tropical country, beaches are among the best destinations to visit here. You can choose from white sand beaches where you can sunbathe and do water activities like swimming, paddle boarding, and kayaking. In fact, you can even pick beaches with world-class diving sites for an immersive experience like snorkeling and scuba diving. There are also beach destinations where you can visit nearby islands. These can be found in Panglao, Bohol, Boracay, and the famous hundred islands of Pangasinan.

Historical Sites

Aside from having fun and experiencing new things, you can also learn a lot when visiting historical sites. Some tour guides will explain the history of the places you will see, allowing you to reminisce and picture what happened back then. Visiting these sites is suitable for families, especially those with children, as it can be similar to an educational field trip.

Famous Restaurants

Of course, food will always be present when we travel. Some even go to specific destinations, not for their tourist attractions or activities but to try dishes that can only be eaten there. Research famous restaurants and local go-to eateries when you visit a place. Reading customer reviews is also good, so you can decide if the restaurant is worth visiting. However, if you forget to search for must-eat dishes, you can always talk to the locals and ask them for suggestions on what delicacies to try and which diners are the best.

Things To Consider When Booking Beachfront Hotels in Panglao, Bohol

Booking a hotel room is an easy thing to do nowadays. You simply have to go online, pay using your card, and wait for your confirmation. However, there are some things that you need to consider. First, always consider your total budget and pocket money. This will determine what accommodation you can get and which activities you can do. Second, choose a location that will surely satisfy you. This can depend on what you want to do. Decide if you want to go on an adventure or take a relaxing break from reality. Lastly, consider whether you need access to WiFi networks, laundry facilities, and other essentials during your trip. This allows you to stay ready and dodge any inconvenience that might come your way.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Month To Go To Bohol?

Aside from wondering where to stay in Panglao, Bohol, tourists also ask which month is the best time to go to the island. According to frequent travelers, Bohol is best explored from January to mid-March, which is when the sun is always up and there is little chance of rain.

What Makes Bohol Unique?

When people say Bohol, they automatically think of the Chocolate Hills and tarsiers. These two make the place unique as they can’t be seen in any part of the Philippines. If you want to see them, you really have to travel to Bohol.

How Do You Get Around Panglao Island?

After riding an airplane or ferry to Panglao Island, you can explore the place by taking the public transportation available. You can ride tricycles and habal-habal for the price of PHP 50 for every ride. Aside from these two, some jeepneys cruise the island and can bring you to your chosen destination.


Ready to travel to Panglao, Bohol? Make sure that your accommodations are set so that all you have to do when you arrive is have fun, explore, and create remarkable memories with your loved ones. For inquiries about our hotel rooms and other services, feel free to contact Modala Beach Resort! We also accept event bookings for birthdays, weddings, and other special occasions that you want to celebrate in our beachfront hotel.